Geese in a pond.

The goose stirs the pondAs leaves fall for summer’s end.The geese welcome fall. Some fly far away,Some stay to keep the pond safe.Some don’t care at all. As fall settles in,Cool breezes, no more hot wind,The geese are happy. P.S. September 29th is National Goose Day.Continue Reading

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, students received an email from the Dean of Students Office, notifying them that the Madison County Health Department suspected a number of UAH students had contracted the Norovirus. The email stated that “The Madison County Health Department confirmed today that students at The University of AlabamaContinue Reading

The university has historically been gun-shy about using its UAlert emergency notification system for non-weather events. The Frequently Asked Questions page states the system was designed to disperse information in the “event of a major emergency affecting the campus.” Students have the option of receiving the alerts as voicemail, textContinue Reading

Bar chart showing Fall student enrollment from 2014 to 2019.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville has raised the requirements for the Charger Excellence scholarship, which currently covers 100% of tuition and two years of on-campus housing. Prior to this year’s freshman Class of 2023, the Charger Excellence scholarship was automatically granted to students who scored 34, 35, or 36Continue Reading

Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Or actually, it’s a pinecone falling from above. From the first floor to the third floor, pinecones have taken over all of North Campus Residence Hall. Some students on campus may have heard rumors of the alleged Pinecone Club onContinue Reading

Geese in a pond.

I came to college to spread my wings,And stand now at murky precipice.Hear the tempo my beating heart sings-No sweet melody or operatic pitch. Tall and proud with head held highOr crumpled under pressure and stress,I long to rise above and flyAnd soar over the skyline of Rocket City campus.Continue Reading