In the dark of the wood lies a menacing foe,Near railroad tracks just south of our home.He stands ten geese tall, as any goslings knows,And they don’t return who after him go. Should ye desire a most frightening night,Simply follow the pond south by moonlight,Down to the stream, across theContinue Reading

A U-Alert was issued in response to a possible bomb threat that was suspected to be near the lake of the Engineering Building this morning. The notification was confirmed to be a false alarm. While this Thursday morning may have provided a scare for some individuals, the campus of theContinue Reading

According to a study released this past April by Temple University’s Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, approximately 45% of college students in the United States regularly deal with some level of food insecurity. As tuition costs rise, money from scholarships is reduced, and students are expected to takeContinue Reading

It’s every UAH student’s favorite time of year: Homecoming! This year’s homecoming theme is “Let the Games Begin.” This year’s Homecoming festivities and traditions will last from Wednesday October 23rd to Saturday October 26th. Some of the events for UAH’s 2019 Homecoming include Paint the Town Blue, Charger Stomp, communityContinue Reading

The tech hall.

Most UAH students have had at least one class in Olin B. King Technology Hall; the third floor is home to the Computer Science Department and Morton Hall’s ongoing renovation has made Tech Hall a temporary home to a number of displaced humanities classes. However, Tech Hall is not knownContinue Reading

The construction site in front of Morton Hall.

According to published enrollment data, the total student population at UAH has increased from around 7,000 students to just under 10,000 students over the past five years, while the amount of classroom space has largely remained the same. This has created a classroom shortage that has affected the scheduling ofContinue Reading

The walls have been almost completely stripped.

The basement of the Shelby building, which has been closed following a flood last February, is scheduled to be open to classes again in the fall of 2020. According to campus architect Justin Thompson, the flood began in late February as the result of accumulated groundwater around Shelby. It wasContinue Reading