About Us

The Charger Times is a student-run news source based at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. We’re dedicated to serving as a platform for students to express themselves and to share and discuss the news most relevant to us, as well as developing the journalism and photography skills of students of any major or background.

The Charger Times is not subject to prior review and is completely independent of university administration, student government, and any political or religious organizations.

The Times is open to any full or part-time students of UAH, and meeting times will be shared on request.

Our faculty sponsor is Dr. Angela Balla, who can be reached at [email protected].


Wren RobertsonWren Robertson

Wren is a senior majoring in computer science and the current editor-in-chief of The Charger Times as well as the founder of its current iteration. She's interested in film, journalism, and making sense of the Doctor Who expanded universe.

Regan GatesRegan Gates

Regan Gates is a Senior Systems Engineering major at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has written for Charger Times since Spring semester 2019 and is now serving as Treasurer. Her favorite food is coffee-ramen with egg, mostly due to the scandalized look on her sister’s face when she makes it.

Arianna KholanjaniArianna Kholanjani

Arianna is a sophomore Communications major with a minor in Sociology. She hope to work for a University working with college students in student life. In her spare time, she enjoys journaling, exploring Huntsville, and studying at coffee shops. She is the Social Media Manager and editor for the Opinions/Editorial column for The Charger Times.

Nehal PatelNehal Patel

Nehal is a Computer Science major at UAH in his fourth year. He likes to program, listen to podcasts, read, and watch those prestige dramas everyone talks about. But also, Survivor 😃.

Isaac BrunnerIsaac Brunner

Isaac Brunner is an Electrical Engineering major in his junior year, and he enjoys games and being arrogant. Isaac currently holds the position of Social Media manager in The Charger Times.

Our Staff

avatar for Nolan BruglerNolan Brugler

Nolan Brugler is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. He brings an interest in sports reporting to The Charger Times. His favorite tree is the quaking aspen.

Noah HarveyNoah Harvey

Noah Harvey is a columnist for The Charger Times. His ideal writing assignment is controlling the commentary, overseeing the opinions, or handling the humor!

He also is an amateur writer with the occasional horror short story, as well as a Professional procrastinator with years of experience. May or may not desire world domination.

Bailey LoweryBailey Lowery

Bailey Lowery is a junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Film and Media studies. He enjoys sports and sports commentary as well as video games and movies. His career goal is to be a NBA play by play broadcaster or podcast host.

avatar for Benjy LyBenjy Ly

Benjy is a Communication Arts major at UAH. He has an appreciation for film, music, and video games. Benjy aspires to become involved in the production of film and television.

Rita McWilliamsRita McWilliams

Rita McWilliams is a senior at UAH majoring in communications and aspires for a career in journalism. Her hobbies include photography, writing and playing video games in her free time. She is a vivacious reader and enjoys classic novels such as The Great Gatsby. From reviewing new restaurants to photographing current events, Rita has a passion for media and aspires to inform through photographs and writing.