On Sep. 30, UAH announced that they would cancel this school year’s spring break, and make up for it by adding a week to winter break. This announcement was presented as a good thing, with the decision falling into a group of “strategic adjustments”, as an email from the UAHContinue Reading

Image of properly secured bikes outside I2C.

Over the winter break, sixteen bikes were stolen from campus by what campus police say was a team of four. Three suspects were arrested by the UAH Police Department, on January 10, 2020, and a warrant has been obtained for the fourth. The bikes were taken from various residence hallsContinue Reading

At the beginning of October, a golf cart was stolen from the university’s Systems Management and Production Center parking lot, and has been missing since. The cart in question is particularly unique, as it had a solar panel attached to the roof. The complainant reported it stolen from SMAP’s parkingContinue Reading

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, students received an email from the Dean of Students Office, notifying them that the Madison County Health Department suspected a number of UAH students had contracted the Norovirus. The email stated that “The Madison County Health Department confirmed today that students at The University of AlabamaContinue Reading

This semester UAH participated in RecycleMania, a nationwide recycling competition, for the first time. RecycleMania involved all residence halls. Starting at the end of January, each residence hall’s recycling bins were weighed, and their weight divided by the number of residents in the hall to get an average amount recycledContinue Reading

Tip of the Fortnight: Make the Charleston Part of Your Next All Nighter Allow me to set a familiar scene: Its 2:38 in the morning and for some reason, you’re awake. Why? A looming due date. Competitive knitting. Too much Coffee-Ramen. It doesn’t matter. You’re just bored with your currentContinue Reading

With busy schedules stuffed full of homework, class, and extracurriculars, most everyone I know has had a day where they found it nearly impossible to keep their eyes open. On days like that, a nice cup of coffee and some food on the stomach makes all the difference. However, manyContinue Reading