SGA’s proposed constitution for the 2020-2021 school year has not met the required support to be ratified, forcing SGA to revert to the previous ratified constitution from 2017. On Sept. 23, Student Life sent out a student-wide email containing the poll to vote on the new constitution, which closed onContinue Reading

The basement of the Shelby building, which flooded in February of 2019, is now set to reopen in December of 2021. The initial projection for reopening, as detailed in The Charger Times’ previous article about the flood, had been the beginning of this current semester. However, according to a summaryContinue Reading

The constantly evolving landscape of sculptures scattered across UAH have become a fixture of campus life. As a result, it can be easy to forget about them, to allow them to fade into the background and become just another quirk of UAH’s layout, and to neglect just how interesting theyContinue Reading

According to a study released this past April by Temple University’s Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, approximately 45% of college students in the United States regularly deal with some level of food insecurity. As tuition costs rise, money from scholarships is reduced, and students are expected to takeContinue Reading

The walls have been almost completely stripped.

The basement of the Shelby building, which has been closed following a flood last February, is scheduled to be open to classes again in the fall of 2020. According to campus architect Justin Thompson, the flood began in late February as the result of accumulated groundwater around Shelby. It wasContinue Reading

Not all UAH students may be familiar with the Counseling Center, but it’s one of the resources advertised around campus as a solution to stress and a resource to anyone requiring mental health counseling. Between the two available counselors, they’re qualified to provide assistance with issues such as depression, socialContinue Reading