Image of properly secured bikes outside I2C.

Over the winter break, sixteen bikes were stolen from campus by what campus police say was a team of four. Three suspects were arrested by the UAH Police Department, on January 10, 2020, and a warrant has been obtained for the fourth. The bikes were taken from various residence hallsContinue Reading

At the beginning of October, a golf cart was stolen from the university’s Systems Management and Production Center parking lot, and has been missing since. The cart in question is particularly unique, as it had a solar panel attached to the roof. The complainant reported it stolen from SMAP’s parkingContinue Reading

The university has historically been gun-shy about using its UAlert emergency notification system for non-weather events. The Frequently Asked Questions page states the system was designed to disperse information in the “event of a major emergency affecting the campus.” Students have the option of receiving the alerts as voicemail, textContinue Reading