SGA’s proposed constitution for the 2020-2021 school year has not met the required support to be ratified, forcing SGA to revert to the previous ratified constitution from 2017. On Sept. 23, Student Life sent out a student-wide email containing the poll to vote on the new constitution, which closed onContinue Reading

The basement of the Shelby building, which flooded in February of 2019, is now set to reopen in December of 2021. The initial projection for reopening, as detailed in The Charger Times’ previous article about the flood, had been the beginning of this current semester. However, according to a summaryContinue Reading

Morton Hall's entrance evokes Greek architecture.

Morton Hall, the oldest academic building on UAH’s campus, recently underwent a $30 million renovation and opened back up to UAH students, faculty, and staff this semester. The building is located on the north side of campus and is situated directly across from Frank Franz Hall and adjacent to theContinue Reading

Spragins Hall is being used to test students for re-entry

On Monday, Alabama will become the fourth state to launch a COVID-19 Exposure Notification app with the release of the GuideSafe app. UAH has published a page about the GuideSafe app, where it indicates that using the application will be entirely voluntary. The university has also partnered with the broaderContinue Reading

A U-Alert was issued in response to a possible bomb threat that was suspected to be near the lake of the Engineering Building this morning. The notification was confirmed to be a false alarm. While this Thursday morning may have provided a scare for some individuals, the campus of theContinue Reading

It’s every UAH student’s favorite time of year: Homecoming! This year’s homecoming theme is “Let the Games Begin.” This year’s Homecoming festivities and traditions will last from Wednesday October 23rd to Saturday October 26th. Some of the events for UAH’s 2019 Homecoming include Paint the Town Blue, Charger Stomp, communityContinue Reading

The construction site in front of Morton Hall.

According to published enrollment data, the total student population at UAH has increased from around 7,000 students to just under 10,000 students over the past five years, while the amount of classroom space has largely remained the same. This has created a classroom shortage that has affected the scheduling ofContinue Reading

The walls have been almost completely stripped.

The basement of the Shelby building, which has been closed following a flood last February, is scheduled to be open to classes again in the fall of 2020. According to campus architect Justin Thompson, the flood began in late February as the result of accumulated groundwater around Shelby. It wasContinue Reading