On Wednesday, Sept. 11, students received an email from the Dean of Students Office, notifying them that the Madison County Health Department suspected a number of UAH students had contracted the Norovirus. The email stated that “The Madison County Health Department confirmed today that students at The University of AlabamaContinue Reading

Bar chart showing Fall student enrollment from 2014 to 2019.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville has raised the requirements for the Charger Excellence scholarship, which currently covers 100% of tuition and two years of on-campus housing. Prior to this year’s freshman Class of 2023, the Charger Excellence scholarship was automatically granted to students who scored 34, 35, or 36Continue Reading

At a town hall style meeting on April the 5th, the team from the urban development firm Perkins and Wills tasked with planning the development of Executive Plaza unveiled their master plan for the property. The ambitious plan would completely transform the sixty acre parcel of land, located across fromContinue Reading

This semester UAH participated in RecycleMania, a nationwide recycling competition, for the first time. RecycleMania involved all residence halls. Starting at the end of January, each residence hall’s recycling bins were weighed, and their weight divided by the number of residents in the hall to get an average amount recycledContinue Reading

On Tuesday, March 26th at approximately 5:00 in the afternoon there was an accident at the main crosswalk across Holmes Avenue in the center of campus. A student, who will remain unnamed, was biking across the street as the lights were close to changing and was hit by a driver,Continue Reading