On Sep. 30, UAH announced that they would cancel this school year’s spring break, and make up for it by adding a week to winter break. This announcement was presented as a good thing, with the decision falling into a group of “strategic adjustments”, as an email from the UAHContinue Reading

The tech hall.

Most UAH students have had at least one class in Olin B. King Technology Hall; the third floor is home to the Computer Science Department and Morton Hall’s ongoing renovation has made Tech Hall a temporary home to a number of displaced humanities classes. However, Tech Hall is not knownContinue Reading

Not all UAH students may be familiar with the Counseling Center, but it’s one of the resources advertised around campus as a solution to stress and a resource to anyone requiring mental health counseling. Between the two available counselors, they’re qualified to provide assistance with issues such as depression, socialContinue Reading

I came to UAH all the way from Southern California on the promise of a full ride scholarship through the Platinum Award of Academic Distinction, including tuition and on-campus housing for four years. But now, a rising junior, I’m apparently number 157 on the waitlist for a housing placement onContinue Reading