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In the dark of the wood lies a menacing foe,Near railroad tracks just south of our home.He stands ten geese tall, as any goslings knows,And they don’t return who after him go. Should ye desire a most frightening night,Simply follow the pond south by moonlight,Down to the stream, across theContinue Reading

Geese in a pond.

The goose stirs the pondAs leaves fall for summer’s end.The geese welcome fall. Some fly far away,Some stay to keep the pond safe.Some don’t care at all. As fall settles in,Cool breezes, no more hot wind,The geese are happy. P.S. September 29th is National Goose Day.Continue Reading

Geese in a pond.

I came to college to spread my wings,And stand now at murky precipice.Hear the tempo my beating heart sings-No sweet melody or operatic pitch. Tall and proud with head held highOr crumpled under pressure and stress,I long to rise above and flyAnd soar over the skyline of Rocket City campus.Continue Reading

Life is a cruel cliché full of ironies and disappointment. Only when it rains does he appear in my head. Why is that? Perhaps it is because the sound of rain dropping on a hard surface reflects the loneliness that pings in my heart, but of course that’s too dramatic.Continue Reading