Coffee Ramen

With busy schedules stuffed full of homework, class, and extracurriculars, most everyone I know has had a day where they found it nearly impossible to keep their eyes open. On days like that, a nice cup of coffee and some food on the stomach makes all the difference.

However, many of the people I know who eat breakfast have trouble coming up with ideas to keep it interesting, and of them, a few wonder: why take the time to make it when you could be memorizing that pesky last formula?

The solution is simple: use instant coffee to make instant ramen, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

There are a number of advantages to making coffee-ramen your go-to breakfast. Ramen is affordable and comes in a huge variety of flavors, so every morning can hold a unique surprise. Additionally, coffee-ramen is easy and fast, requiring only one bowl, which makes for far less cleaning than a traditional breakfast may require.

This meal provides both calories and a much-needed dose of caffeine to help you kickstart your day and get to that 8:00 AM math class bright eyed and full of energy!

Someday soon, coffee-ramen will be the most popular dish on campus, becoming the number one substitute for a balanced breakfast, as recommended by 0 out of 1 nursing majors polled. Here’s a recipe to get you started:

Coffee-Ramen Time Required: approx. 6 minutes

You will need:
-Access to a microwave
-1 and 3/4 th cup of water
-a microwavable bowl
-1 and ½ tablespoons of instant coffee
-Ramen of your choice
-An egg (optional)

Step 1: Pour the water into the microwavable bowl.
Step 2: Microwave for three minutes, or until the water is hot.
Step 3: Add the instant coffee and sugar as desired, stirring until dissolved
Step 4: Add ramen and the egg, if using.
Step 5: Microwave for another three minutes.
Step 6: Add the flavor packet and stir
Step 7: Enjoy your bowl of newly caffeinated glory.

Regan Gates
Regan Gates

Regan Gates is a Senior Systems Engineering major at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has written for Charger Times since Spring semester 2019 and is now serving as Treasurer. Her favorite food is coffee-ramen with egg, mostly due to the scandalized look on her sister’s face when she makes it.

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