Local Pinecone Conflict Intensifies

Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Or actually, it’s a pinecone falling from above. From the first floor to the third floor, pinecones have taken over all of North Campus Residence Hall. Some students on campus may have heard rumors of the alleged Pinecone Club on campus, but none have truly understood the full influence of the illustrious pinecone on the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. They are on the doors of college students’ suites, they are found on residence hall elevators, and they are even found on the front desk in the lobby. With the subtle yet undeniable presence of pinecones everywhere, it is not uncommon for students to have questions. What is the Pinecone Club about? Who is even in charge and involved in the Pinecone Club? And where did this “Anti-Pinecone Club” come from?

So, first of all, what is the Pinecone Club all about? To answer this question, one needs to take an inside look into the organization through the eyes of the current members of the pinecone club. Pinecone enthusiast Gabriele Ward expressed that “the Pinecone Club isn’t so much about an obsession with pinecones, but it’s about inclusiveness and being connected with others at college.” The Pinecone Club is an unofficial organization that unites UAH students regardless of their majors or background. Whether you’re majoring in aerospace engineering or nursing, anyone can bond over the futile pinecone. The Pinecone Club is not about the obsession of a female specimen of a tree seed, but about the inclusiveness and creativity that UAH strives to create within their student body. Now, the question becomes, who is in charge and involved in the Pinecone Club?

The leader of the Pinecone Club is currently unidentified and anonymous. Just like their leader, the members don’t fall far from the pinecone tree. A member of the Pinecone Club is not open to confess that they are in the unofficial organization. Yet around other pinecone enthusiasts, the members of the Pinecone Club are relatable and very open. Members are so far mainly identified as third floor residents of the North Campus Residence Hall. However, their reach and influence has certainly spread far beyond just the third floor. On the other hand, members of the Anti-Pinecone Club are very open and proud of their identity. They are commonly referred to as “Team Human” members whereas Pinecone Club members identify as “Team Pinecone.” This now makes one wonder, what is the Anti-Pinecone Club? Is that even a thing?The answer is yes! On the bulletin board for the third hall, the sign-up sheet for the opposing unofficial organization is filling up with members. The members are not violent or aggressive towards the secretive Pinecone Club members, but that grace does not extend to innocent bystanding pinecones. The opposing members may just as well pass by each other and look just the same. The only way to tell who is on what side is by judging their actions with innocent, innocuous pinecones.

Overall, the pinecone war has erupted and the leader of the pinecone club shifts too often for even its members to keep track. Yet, throughout all of the chaos, there is one piece of information to be aware of. Evan Ihrig, current Pinecone Club general says, “The Pinecone Club is a light-hearted, funny club for individuals that creates a bond and a safe space for students on campus to let loose and unite on campus.”

Cierra Dennis
Cierra Dennis

Cierra Dennis is a freshman at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in information systems with a focus in cybersecurity. She spends her free time reading, watching movies, or learning foreign languages. She loves adventure and believes that everyone has a story that’s worth sharing. She is currently a writer and an editor for the Charger Times.

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    Have you heard the legends of The Great Pinecone War of Franz in 2017?

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