Crosswalk Accident

On Tuesday, March 26th at approximately 5:00 in the afternoon there was an accident at the main crosswalk across Holmes Avenue in the center of campus. A student, who will remain unnamed, was biking across the street as the lights were close to changing and was hit by a driver, knocking him off his bike and causing head injuries.

A witness stated that she had turned to see the victim lying on the ground seconds after the accident occurred and noticed that there were several seconds remaining on the crosswalk timer, indicating that it should have been safe to cross. Police confirmed that the lights had changed from solid red to blinking red, at which point cars are required to briefly stop and then proceed when clear.

The student was struck by the car on the Salmon Library side of the median and fell onto the pavement, apparently knocking him unconscious and leaving him bleeding from the head. He lay there for several minutes as traffic stopped around him and bystanders called 9-11 and provided assistance. Traffic was then routed around the student until he could be lifted into an ambulance almost 15 minutes after the initial incident. The driver stopped and waiting along with an assortment of students and staff. Eyewitness reports indicate the student had regained consciousness by this time, but was still bleeding and appeared disoriented. Unconfirmed reports since have indicated that he is recovering and will probably not suffer any permanent injury

Crosswalk safety has been a concern at UAH over the last few years. According to data provided to the police department, there have been a total of six reported bicycle or pedestrian-related accidents on or around campus over the past year. Of those six, five were bicycle-car collisions on the Holmes Avenue crosswalk. Our Student Government Association has responded to this by extending the time to cross and posting signs requesting all students to walk across rather than bike, skateboard, or scooter, the success of which has been limited at best. It is at this time unclear what else can be done to improve the safety of the crosswalk.

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