On Tuesday, March 26th at approximately 5:00 in the afternoon there was an accident at the main crosswalk across Holmes Avenue in the center of campus. A student, who will remain unnamed, was biking across the street as the lights were close to changing and was hit by a driver,Continue Reading

Tip of the Fortnight: Make the Charleston Part of Your Next All Nighter Allow me to set a familiar scene: Its 2:38 in the morning and for some reason, you’re awake. Why? A looming due date. Competitive knitting. Too much Coffee-Ramen. It doesn’t matter. You’re just bored with your currentContinue Reading

A currency is one of the defining characteristics of a country or nation. In the same way, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, a small nation in its own right, requires its own currency to stand apart from other colleges, as well as make transactions easier for UAH students. However,Continue Reading

With busy schedules stuffed full of homework, class, and extracurriculars, most everyone I know has had a day where they found it nearly impossible to keep their eyes open. On days like that, a nice cup of coffee and some food on the stomach makes all the difference. However, manyContinue Reading

Life is a cruel cliché full of ironies and disappointment. Only when it rains does he appear in my head. Why is that? Perhaps it is because the sound of rain dropping on a hard surface reflects the loneliness that pings in my heart, but of course that’s too dramatic.Continue Reading