University dining has been pushing Tapingo as a convenient alternative to ordering in person, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

After installing the app, you must create an account for the service itself. I would recommend against using a primary email, because you will receive no shortage of marketing emails. Some of these are coupons however, which could be quite useful. Then you link your UAH account through the app, and are then able to make purchases using your Dining Dollars or Charger Bucks.

The app lists all dining locations that accept Tapingo orders. When you select a location, it provides a menu that should ideally be equivalent to the physical one. On my test order from Dunkin Donuts, it seemed to have everything, but I’m sure there are plenty of customizations you’d have to ask for in person.

When I ordered from Dunkin Donuts, I came at a peak time, and there was quite a line. I placed my order on the phone, and picked it up from the Tapingo pickup table after a few minutes of waiting. I don’t believe Tapingo orders are necessarily prioritized, but it allowed me to skip the queue. One important note is that Tapingo takes a service charge. For me this was about sixty cents. On a large order this may be fine, but it felt a bit silly on a small coffee order. If I just stood in line, I would have waited a little longer but escaped the fee.

Once you set it up, it is a convenient way to place orders for on-campus dining. It does remember past orders, so if you like a customization it will be quick to order. I can see it being quite useful if you want to place an order from one of the residence halls or after class, and pick it up as soon as you reach the location. If you utilize the email and app-provided coupons, it can further increase the value of the app. If you can get past the service fee, Tapingo does what it promises.

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    Its like a food fast-pass, with the same cost drawback and marginal benefits. I think the service charge is too high to be worth considering in many cases but the fact it exists is interesting to say the least.

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