UAH Currencies

A currency is one of the defining characteristics of a country or nation. In the same way, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, a small nation in its own right, requires its own currency to stand apart from other colleges, as well as make transactions easier for UAH students. However, the numerous UAH currencies that have been created, in order to accommodate as many students as possible, prove to be confusing at times. In this article, I will make the currency system easier to understand by explaining it in non-technical language.

The UAH currency system is basically divided into three parts: Charger bucks, dining dollars, and flex dollars.

  1. Charger Bucks: you only get this when you purchase a meal plan from the university. For more information on the types of meal plans available, visit . You cannot purchase any extra charger bucks other than what is already included in the meal plan. Charger bucks expire at the end of each semester.
  2. Dining Dollars: These can be used at all dining locations on campus, hence the word ‘dining’ in its name. However, it is only for dining services that you can use dining dollars. It is possible to buy dining dollars independent of any meal plan, as well as add extra whenever you feel like. Dining dollars also go a step ahead and expire at the end of an academic year rather than just a semester. For example, if you purchase dining dollars in the fall semester, they roll over to the spring before expiring.
  3. Flex Dollars: This is an all-in-one currency, which you can spend at dining locations, at the bookstore, to print, at vending machines, and so on. It can also be purchased independent of a meal plan either online, at PHIL machines on campus (visit to view locations), and through the bursar (either in person or through mail). Flex dollars don’t expire, but roll over to the next semester if you’re still actively enrolled. However, if your flex account remains inactive for a year, an annual fee of $25 will be charged to it until the account reaches a balance of zero.

Some extra points to note about the UAH currencies involve:

  1. Charger bucks and dining dollars give you a discount at the door of certain dining locations, such as Charger café and Gardenview café. Visit to view the exact rates.
  2. You can top up on your dining dollars through the bursar (either in person or through mail) and online as well.
  3. To pay online for either Flex dollars or dining dollars, visit .

If you would like more information about any of the UAH currencies, please visit

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