A Sonnet of Feathers

Geese in a pond.

I came to college to spread my wings,
And stand now at murky precipice.
Hear the tempo my beating heart sings-
No sweet melody or operatic pitch.

Tall and proud with head held high
Or crumpled under pressure and stress,
I long to rise above and fly
And soar over the skyline of Rocket City campus.

The dreams I dream are built upon seams
Designed by skillful and delicate engineers,
And so, how crazy though it may seem,
In Shelby’s littered baptism, long live I here.
    A student? No, I reside more loose-
    Why be a student if I can be a goose?

Please keep your trash out of my home.

UAH Goose
UAH Goose

The UAH Goose is a typical Canadian Goose, an elected representative of the Shelby Geese, and has a wife named Karen, as well as no less than 23 children. They apologize further for not having a better worded bio, but the life of a goose representative is a busy one.

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