UAH Holds Tryouts for E-Sports Teams

A promotional image for the game "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege"

E-Sports have been a growing phenomenon in the past couple years. Many universities have been creating their own teams to compete at the same level as the established athletic clubs and teams. UAH is no exception. Many of UAH’s E-Sports teams had tryouts on the last weekend of August. The Rainbow Six Siege team and the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate team were two UAH teams that had tryouts. According to the Rainbow Six Siege head coach Dhruv, the tryouts went very well and that selecting the teams for this year was not a tough process. This was due to the amount of returning players from the previous season. The Rainbow Six Siege team is going into this season with a third team. Charger Blue and Charger White remain largely the same while Charger Yellow is a new addition to the Siege lineup. When asked about the goals for this season Dhruv had this to say, “For every team I just want to see improvement. I just want to see them get better over the season whether it is competing in their league or aiming for first. I just want to see everyone have a good time.”

For Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the selection process was a lot harder for the coach. According to head coach Brandon Jimenez, the selection process for the teams was tougher than he anticipated. Jimenez said, “The first tryouts were pretty easy to rank as we had formidable players from UAH trying out, the second tryout everyone’s skill was a lot closer and it was tougher decision to rank everyone.” Two of the players who participated in the tryouts are named Mage and Merf who are now on Charger Blue, which is the first team for Smash Ultimate.

Tryouts for both games were held online. Rainbow Six is a team-based shooter while Smash Brothers is a one versus one fighting game. Super Smash Brothers has been known to have a notorious and very unstable online play. When asked if this presented any problems with tryouts Brandon Jimenez had this to say, “Yes it was very difficult to judge how well someone is if the connection is bad and gimmicky characters can get away with mistakes due to being on wifi.”

Both coaches had positive reactions to the tryouts and are looking forward to what their respective teams and the organization accomplishes throughout the semester. I can not wait to see for myself the accomplishments of each team this season.

Bailey Lowery
Bailey Lowery

Bailey Lowery is a junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Film and Media studies. He enjoys sports and sports commentary as well as video games and movies. His career goal is to be a NBA play by play broadcaster or podcast host.

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